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Hello, Welcome to our NEW website! It is still under construction so please bare with us ;-)



Build It The Right Way, The American Way !

Fascon Construction, Inc. is motivated and driven to be the leading construction company in quality, safety and efficiency. Our goal is to build exceptional buildings and

developments to meet the needs of our clients and business associates. We are dedicated to being coordinated, efficient with our services, and most importantly to be safe.

Understanding the core values of young American families, our model delivers value, affordability and quality.

 At Fascon Construction we believe that we are more than just a construction group, we are family.


No job is too small or too big!




From ultra modern to your preferred look, Fascon construction will convert your dreams into a realization


At Fascon our dedicated team specializes in commercial and has completed various large scale commercial buildings. You'll get your aspired project for a price that fits your budget.


As a family owned business, here at fascon construction we understand the value of keeping our customers, as one of the top retail construction companies in the Bay Area. We can help  you build your store or offer remodeling services that keep you ahead of the competition


Over the last decade, we have built a strong organized team, prepared to take on any large scale industrial projects in the bay area. At Fascon we have a combination of hard working men paired with the best engineers to construct any industrial projects from the  ground up.


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Fascon Construction
Fascon Construction
Fascon Construction
Fascon Construction
Fascon Construction
Fascon Construction
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Waiting Room

Our company works closely with our team and structural designers of the project to ensure our client receives the best results possible. During the estimating stage, we analyze different building methods that will benefit your American dream and budget. With our first priority being the customer, our team breaks down each stage of the project to determine costs, time frames, and objectives for a more organized infrastructure.

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